1. cadaver1

    Tranny Brawl

  2. cadaver1

    Nice KO

    Dude hands out a brutal | theYNC
  3. MolokoPlusVellocet

    animals Tranny Hooker Strips And Beats Up Real Female Hooker

    The prefix wasn't a mistake.. TURF FIGHT: Tranny Hooker vs. Real Woman Hooker. | theYNC
  4. 0111011000111

    Bitch man sucker punches woman, get's instant KARMA

    Here :spazzprice:
  5. tenguix

    Fight ends badly for vet.

    For whatever reason, I found this disconcerting enough to post here on GG. It's a relatively quick fight between an older dude & younger dude. The vet is, unfortunately, not the victor, as evidenced by his face at the end of the video. (Skip to :45 if you're impatient as fuck.) If you've got...
  6. R a n d o m

    Teen fight ends in deadly stabbing.

    Deng Pan (13 years old) was killed by Yang Sheng (15 years old) when a fight escalated from a simple brawl and ended with the 13 year old being chased down and stabbed repeatedly after the older brandished a knife. Happened May 13, 2016 in Qiyang County(South eastern China) and the teen has...