1. Bethy 🔥

    fights Sheboons Enjoying Play Time

    Spring break in Florida
  2. Cold Ethyl

    Doorbell footage captures sobbing dad confess to wife that he killed their son: ‘He’s dead’

    Florida father used his home’s doorbell camera to confess to his wife that he’d just fatally shot their son during an argument, disturbing new footage shows. David Contreras, 52, was caught on camera apparently admitting to killing his 22-year-old son, Eric, in his Miami home last November...
  3. Bethy 🔥

    disaster Tornado Touches Down In Florida

    A Large Tornado Touches Down On The Ground In The Area Of Fort Lauderdale Reports Of Damage Florida, USA Numerous Florida residents watched a confirmed large tornado touches down in the heart of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Multiple videos from different angles show debris and power flashes as the...
  4. Ralph666

    Florida teen shoots, kills sister after fight over Christmas gifts

    A 14-year-old boy allegedly fatally shot his older sister in Florida after a family argument over Christmas presents, officials said Tuesday. The teen had been out shopping on Christmas Eve with Abrielle Baldwin, his 23-year-old sister, as well as his mother, 15-year-old brother and sister's...
  5. Cold Ethyl

    Tampa woman posed as homeschooled 14-year-old to molest middle schoolers

    A Tampa woman was arrested last week after she was accused of posing as a child and sexually battering a boy she met online. According to Tampa police, a tip on Oct. 19 pointed detectives to Alyssa Zinger, 22, and her reported “inappropriate relationship” with a child. The victim was...
  6. Sarka

    Crime Mass shooting in Tampa, Florida: 2 killed, 18 others hurt when gunfire erupts during crowded Halloween street party

    TAMPA, Fla. (AP) -- A fight between two groups turned deadly in Tampa when a shooting during Halloween festivities resulted in two deaths and 18 people hospitalized early Sunday morning, police said...
  7. -ToGGaF-

    Serial killer Oba Chandler & The Roger's Family Murders

    Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, Oba Chandler was the fourth of 5 children to mother and father Margarette Johnson and Oba Chandler Sr. In the summer of 1957, his father hanged himself in the basement of their home when Oba was ten years old. As the grave diggers filled Oba Chandler Sr's...
  8. msr

    Perv cop caught

  9. -ToGGaF-

    Serial killer The Murders Of Charlie Brandt

    Charlie Brandt was born on February 23, 1957, the second child of German immigrants Herbert and Lisa Brandt. The family frequently relocated resulting in Charlie and his older sister Angela attending several different schools. Although regarded as a good student, he was shy and had difficulty...
  10. Punisher_1

    Crime N**** moment at the Circle K

    Seems like the young men needed a wake up call
  11. msr

    Grady Judd this week

  12. Cold Ethyl

    Florida mom charged with leaving son, 11, with dead man after drug-fueled threesome

    A Florida mom was arrested after leaving her 11-year-old son in a room with a dead man for hours after a drug-fueled threesome in a hotel room, police said. Amy Kemper, 32, checked in with her son at the Hammock Beach Golf Resort & Spa in Palm Coast, where she met up with two older men on...
  13. msr

    Man kills son with power saw

  14. Cold Ethyl

    Florida woman doused herself in Diet Mountain Dew to erase DNA after killing roommate

    A blood-smudged Florida woman suspected of murder accrued additional charges after she asked police for a soda, then "poured it all over herself" in an attempt to scrub forensic evidence from her body, Daytona Beach police said. Nichole A. Maks, 35, was charged with tampering with evidence and...
  15. Cold Ethyl

    Florida manatee Hugh dies from internal injuries after brother Buffett had ‘intense’ sex with him

    A manatee named Hugh has died from internal injuries sustained while having “intense” sex with his brother Buffett. Hugh and Buffett had lived in the aquarium together for 27 years. But on April 29, Hugh unexpectedly died after a day of rough sex with his brother Necropsy results released...
  16. Donkeyd

    bizarre 'we're coming up to the kitchen' 😂

  17. Cold Ethyl

    Only In Florida

    A Clearwater man’s potential future as a police officer, if there ever was any, could be affected by a recent retail theft arrest, according to Largo police. An arrest affidavit from the police department said they arrested John Ogburn Blackburn, 29, of Clearwater after he fled from a Walmart...
  18. msr

    Grady Judd speaks

  19. msr

    Human traffiking in Florida.

  20. WickedMal

    animals ~Guy 's Arm Bitten Off By Alligator In Florida~

  21. msr

    13 year old nigger shoots cop

  22. msr

    Two dead in crash

  23. DeathHand

    12-year-old Among Suspects in Killing of 3 Teens in Florida

    OCALA, Fla. (AP) — A teenager and a 12-year-old have been charged in the deaths of three teens whose bodies were found along a Florida roadside and in the trunk of a partially-submerged vehicle, authorities said Friday. Another teen is being sought. Law enforcement officials were “shocked” by...
  24. msr

    Florida children as killers

  25. msr

    Florida cops shoot criminal

  26. ZZZBen

    Murders In Ocklawaha, Florida

    I am vaguely familiar with this small town, my stepdad has land one county over and I spend every other weekend up there helping feed the chickens. This is freaky shit. Presumably gang-related? But the victims are white...
  27. Lord Gutsy

    bizarre crazy bitch ran over her friend in florida

    FORT LAUDERDALE -- A woman is facing charges and has been arrested after she allegedly ran over a lifelong friend with her car Friday morning after the two had a falling out, police said. Linouria Wilson, 22, was taken to the Broward County jail following the incident, which occurred shortly...
  28. msr

    Cop ambushed

  29. Moshie

    Florida Teen Attacks Teacher

    BUNNELL Fla. (WWSB) - A 17-year-old student is in juvenile detention after knocking a Flager County high school teacher unconscious after she took a game controller away from him in class, authorities said. The Flagler County Sheriff’s Office says the incident happened Feb. 21 at Matanzas High...
  30. msr

    Girl found dead

  31. FlatLiner21

    Suff film Florida

    I've been trying to find a snuff film out there that took place in Florida several years ago. a guy recorded a woman at night who was standing in front of a man tide to a tree. he thought he was undergoing a initiation. The guy filming says to the woman. "ok" or something like that she pulls out...
  32. Donkeyd

    Blind man stopped for carrying walking stick

    cops never surprise me and they arrest him. Replies show he was kept in a cell without a lawyer.
  33. Ivan Drago

    Friendly In Florida

  34. FrogOne

    Stupid policeman using taser at gas station

    The resulting fire burned bad guy + police https://vidmax.com/video/212996-body-cam-footage-shows-the-horrific-moment-a-police-taser-sets-a-man-on-fire-near-a-gas-pump-in-florida
  35. D.O.A.

    Florida Democrats Screech in Pain as Their Disney Overlords' Special Governing Status Gets Revoked

  36. msr

    Grady Judd, still at work.

    Skip to 4:29.
  37. msr

    Grady Judd on the job.

  38. msr

    Grady Judd speaks about deputies shooting suspect.