1. Nobbler

    bizarre Midget Fucks Israeli Flag With Carrot.

  2. selfyo

    IDF reuploaded their staged evidencevideo after they realized they forgot toblur their own laptop and charger withQl-148 written on it.

    IDF reuploaded their staged evidencevideo after they realized they forgot toblur their own laptop and charger withQl-148 written on it. Cheap Zionist lies will be discovered, worldwide.
  3. selfyo

    Hamas release Hostages

    Hamas release Israeli Hostages. This Video was banned in every western Zionist controlled Social Media. Is this Terrorist looks like?
  4. Brother Birt

    War Israel v Hamas Cease-Fire Approved

    Jerusalem- A four day cease fire between Israel and Hamas began in the Gaza strip on Friday, with Israel committing to a pause in its offensive in return for the freeing of around 50 women and children from among the hostages held by the Palestinian militant group. The cease fire, which was...
  5. wiggins

    War Israel rave party massacre first responder videos etc.

    This is why a cease fire is not on the table...
  6. Guipago

    Did Israel know Hamas was attacking?

    With the complexity of the Hamas attack, with the fact Israel has operatives & informants in Gaza, with the fact that Israel 'now' knows where the Hamas leaders are & bombs them, how the Fuck didn't Israel see this coming with one of the best intelligence services available to them????????? OR...
  7. Solomon Kane

    What did Hamas gain? 😳

    So, I have trouble grasping the intent and endgame on what exactly Hamas thought they would have gained frome the attck on the Israeli territory. Wether they thought that in doing so, this would bring the other terrorist organizations into the fray, which was a very bad miscalculation as it...
  8. D.O.A.

    disaster The Fireworks in Gaza

  9. Bethy 🔥

    Warning:Children Innocence Lost 💔

  10. Sarka

    Warning:Children 7 children from Al-Bakri family killed in Israeli airstrike

    Khan Younis, southern Gaza. 18.10.23
  11. ThunderCat

    bizarre Here we fucking go.. They're all kicking off In London. The Palestines... Uuuggghhhh.

    Nationwide pro-Palestine protests turn ugly They are calling England a terrorist country too. Amoung other countries. I knew this...
  12. Sarka

    fights Diplomat at Israel’s embassy in China stabbed

    The Israeli Foreign Ministry has confirmed the attack and said the victim is in a stable condition in hospital.
  13. H

    Hamas decapitates babies in kibbutz Fucking disgusting animals they will endure the most excruciating death imaginable I promise you this. These sand Basketball Americans will be burned to a crisp by next week.
  14. vaga

    Australian man arrested for waving Israeli flag at pro-Hamas rally
  15. mystery_man

    israeli women captured by hamas

  16. Bethy 🔥

    War Dead Civilians In Israel

    There are already a lot of dead civilians in Israel. Corpses lie at public transport stops, in the middle of the streets. Al Jazeera reports: Israel declares a state of emergency within a radius of 80 km from the Gaza Strip. This allows the military to restrict gatherings and close areas. The...
  17. Maven

    bizarre Move dammit

  18. Cold Ethyl


    The discovery of oil lamps, weapons, and human skulls, suggest that Te’omim Cave was used for necromancy ceremonies during the Late Roman Period. Te’omim Cave, also known as Mŭghâret Umm et Tûeimîn (“the cave of the mother of twins”), is a cave complex in Israel’s Jerusalem Hills east of Beit...
  19. Sarka

    bizarre Man dies after being swallowed by swimming pool sinkhole as horrified revellers watch
  20. Lucignolo

    disaster 2001 Israel Wedding Hall disaster (23 deaths)

    At 22:43 on May 24, 2001, a large portion of the third floor of the Versailles Wedding Hall collapsed in Talpiot, Jerusalem, Israel. Twenty-three people fell to their deaths through two stories, while another 380 were injured to varying degrees
  21. Sarka

    bizarre Israeli soldier runs into desert tornado

    He reportedly suffered fatal injuries.
  22. adi21


    The assassination took place in the Mojahedin Eslam street in the eastern part of Tehran. The officer, identified by the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) as Colonel Hassan Sayyad, was gunned down inside his car by the assailants, who were armed with silenced guns and moving on a motorcycle...
  23. Sarka

    bizarre Controversial ultra-anti-Zionist Jew Amir Hertsoni gets a chair to the face live on Israeli TV

    Incendiary academic wounded by chair thrown at him on camera in Ashdod
  24. Badmo

    Israeli Police Fuck Up A Terrorist Who Just Shot 5 People.

    Happened earlier today: Allahu Snackbar shoots and kills 5 randoms. Israeli motorcycle cops fuck his day up.
  25. adi21

    Terrorist Attack by ISIS in Hadera, Israel

    killed Jihadis today's gunmen gave bayah to the new ISIS caliph, Abu Hassan Al-Hashimi Al-Qurayshi, and gave allegiance to ISIS. Israeli police identify two people killed in terror attack in Hadera, city in Haifa District, Israel.
  26. adi21

    Israel- A terrorist in Be'er Sheva stabbed multiple Israeli people and 4 have died. The terrorist was shot by a bus driver.

    Today in the city of Beer Sheva in the south of Israel there was a collision with a crowd and a knife attack, as a result of which 4 citizens of the country were killed, 3 more were injured. The attacker turned out to be Muhammad Abu al-Qian, a teacher from Hura, who had previously been...
  27. adi21

    Israeli man was misidentified as Chechan and was executed by Ukrainian Forces

    news- Israeli man killed in Ukraine identified as Roman Brodsky; was leaving for Israel video-
  28. Sarka

    Assassination attempt in Israel

    Police opened an investigation regarding an explosion that occurred in a vehicle on Keren Kayemet Israel Street in Ness Ziona. As a result of the explosion, a 60-year-old man was injured in a mild-moderate condition and was taken to the hospital with limb injuries.
  29. semen

    USS Liberty Anniversary

    Never forget that on June 08, 1967 Israel attacked the USS Liberty and killed 34 American servicemen in attempt to false flag the US into a war with Egypt. President Lyndon Johnson and his defense secretary, Robert McNamara, ordered that the inquiry conclude it was an accident. In a signed...
  30. offmanzi

    The USS Liberty attack

    Israel has launched an attack against a US Navy ship under false flag operation. They wanted and have succeeded in making the US public believed that it was an attack caried by the Egyptian Air Force in order to make the United States enter in war with Israel. The poor sailors were sacrified...
  31. graveland

    peace activist girl crushed by a jew bulldozer

    peace activist girl crushed by a jew bulldozer Rachel Corrie (April 10, 1979 to March 16, 2003) is an American volunteer, member of the International Solidarity Movement