Hezbollah has democratically taken over Lebanon


I hope the Jews are happy ;)


Hezbollah-backed Sunni billionaire businessman Najib Mikati clinched on Tuesday the backing of a majority of MPs in order to be appointed as Lebanon's new prime minister, according to an AFP count.

Mikati, 55, received the backing of 65 of parliament's 128 MPs who have been meeting since Monday with President Michel Sleiman after Hezbollah brought down the unity government of Western-backed Saad Hariri on January 12.

Sleiman was expected to appoint Mikati to head the new government later on Tuesday after wrapping up his consultations with parliamentary groups.

His probable appointment has sparked widespread anger within the Sunni community. It is seen as a bid by the Iranian- and Syrian-backed Hezbollah to sideline Hariri, the most popular Sunni leader in Lebanon, and essentially take control of the government.

Sunni MPs called for protests on Tuesday as a “day of rage” in support of Prime Minister Saad Hariri, accusing Hezbollah of having staged a "coup.”