Jeffrey Epstein found dead in jail cell


Fuck me, well it was inevitable I suppose (I didn't predict this ^^ but I'm not shocked at all) damn bit of a shame really :/ (not for him) it's about fucking time though maybe people can stop calling so many of us conspiracy theorists.. been pointing shit out about this man for years and years... I was writing a blog (thepublicpublished) a while back and I had alot wrote about Epstein.. everyone kept calling me a paranoid conspiracy type (in real life) I was also writing articles about the trans agenda, feminisation of the west as a primer for an islamic takeover (with the view to cause civil unrest, destabilise the economy, potentially start riots, martial law, a war a long way down the line.. divide, conquer, u.n, NATO and e.u armies mopping up the pieces, one world government.. ok that's paranoid but hey, agenda 21!) Loads of things.. part of me actually feels happy when pieces get proved to be right..
That's just another decade in the neighborhood...No Surprises there !!!


The Wizard
He was a dead man walking, but I think it's entirely possible he did it himself. There's lots of records, witnesses, tapes, court documents, there could be more than one suicide related to these cases. His girlfriend Ghislaine may be next.

I'm totally appalled at all these WHITE MEN acting like predatory African, Middle Eastern, and Mexican immigrants.


Avidly prowling for spoil
Rich white male, tyvm...
Ummm, tis sad all in all, but watching the turning of the screw on all white men has a certain charm. As a white woman, i can only claim the vapors and then stick them with the pointy end. We be roaring while your bollocks shrivel.
Im tearing up