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Good manners. 2017. Brazil.
A werewolf film that was similar to let the right one in, the original. The trailer only shows the first hour of the film, a upper class white lady hires a poor black nanny to look after her while she is pregnant. The 2nd hour of the film deals with the child and nanny 'mother' several years later. It's similar to 'Let' because of the very real feel and look of it, it has a few children who play central roles with adults caring for them and its a slow burn, there are some moments and certain scenes that just add to the increasing darkness of the film, in a good way. But it is evident that there will be no happy ending, and that was part of the charm.


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A Ghost Story. You may be into this kind of movie but I wasn't, stupid as hell, hardly any dialogue, mostly a man under a bed sheet. 2/10 and that is only because it deserves something for being original.



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I watched Parasite (2019 film), a black comedy thriller, in its original language with French subtitles. It’s a South Korean movie. It was definitely interesting and fun.
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The Irishman

Scorsese should have used younger, lookalike actors for Robert Deniro's s younger scenes. It was painfully awkward watching a 30 year old man waddle around like a 76 year old man.

I had trouble getting into it for the first hour. It was a really slow start. The pacing should have been a bit more brisk and condensed.

Overall it was still a good movie.


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Unexpectedly good from 89 yr old Clint Eastwood, who directs, produces and stars in yet another movie that is so well done.
Eastwood is an elderly retiree, estranged from his family for decades because of his dedication to work, drinking and friends over family.
An uncomfortably bad decision to show up at his granddaughters wedding after being evicted from his property leads to a connection with a cartel to become a drug mule. And he's quite good at it.
Amusing, poignant and sad, Eastwood brings loads of dignity to a character who had none for most of his adult life. Recommended.

Jon E(vil)

True gore artist.
Fellini-Satyricon. 1969.
What starts as an arguement between two homos over a young lad in a roman setting gets weirder and weirder.
It's considered a classic, and i can see why, the sets, costumes and acting is really good. It's the plot that spirals out of control. I stuck with it till the final 20-30 mins, at that stage i picked up my phone and downloaded a podcast about it so i could make sense of what i have just watched.
A tough watch but interesing if you stick with it.
Full length film.

Jon E(vil)

True gore artist.
Ikiru. (To live.) 1952. Japan.
A drama about a city council section chief who finds out he has stomach cancer and about 6 months to live. He does what anyone would do, goes and parties. But it doesn't make him feel any better. He learns from a young female co-worker that helping other people is the true way to live ones life. After he dies at the wake the council workers are discussing what he did to get a small playground built for a poor neighboorhood. Various scenes are flashbacks as he fights to get the different departments and people to get the playground built.
The film ends with them all realizing this and vowing to help people. But things go back to normal.
A slow burn of a film but it really fell into place with all the characters putting it together at the wake.
A reminder that helping each other in small ways is the true meaning of life.