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The day that was intended to be a day of enjoyment at sea but turned into tragedy when a shark surprised M.F.M.J, 26, about 20 meters from the shore. Bravely, she managed to place her son in an inflatable before being dragged away by the shark. Despite her efforts, the biologist lost a limb and died from drowning.

Her body was recovered and taken to land, where she no longer showed vital signs. Family and friends paid tribute to the young mother's bravery by placing a cross, flowers and candles at the site of the attack.

Officers went to the scene in response to the call, finding her dead and with a mutilated leg, apparently the result of the shark attack.

Last Sunday a religious ceremony was held in memory of the marine biologist. The news shocked dozens of tourists who witnessed the tragic event on a beach that suddenly became a scene of pain.

The victim studied Marine Biology at the University Center of the South Coast of the U of G. Her passion for the marine world was cut short in a fortuitous event that has left her son 5 years old without a mother.

The authorities reported that the beach will be under surveillance due to the presence of sharks, also calling for respect for the habitat of these animals and to avoid illegal practices that could endanger visitors