RMAF Fighter Shot Down


Let It All Bleed Out
This young Moroccan pilot was taking part in the Saudi-led offensive against ISIS positions in Yemen.

His F-16 Block 52+ fighter jet took small arms fire and went down in a rockey mountain valley.

Nashwan, Saada, Yemen, May 15, 2015

Set 1.



3. Days before being shot down, the pilot in his F-16 (circled) taking part in US training.


You've Heard It All Before
Nice find.
Having to face being burned to death in a cage like his Jordanian ally was no doubt in his mind. I imagine riding that jet in was the best choice. Maybe a failure in the ejection sequence?
I guess we'll never know.


Let It All Bleed Out
So much facepalm for this kid. I guess he was shot while in the cockpit and that is what caused him to crash, as apposed to small arms fire damaging the plane and making it not able to fly?

Small arms fire can bring down the best of fighter jets, helicopters, etc. A few good shots, hitting an aileron, rear elevators, wing flaps, rudder, etc. is all it takes. I don't think that the cockpit on most jets can be penetrated from below - only from the side or above.