Warning:Children Russian Soldier Shoots Dead 9 Ukrainian Family Members (1 Viewer)


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Now i'm confused, Mariupol is under russian control for ages (was the first big battle of the war, remember?) How Andryushchenko can be mayor of an occupied city? In his dreams only. And how this ukrainian advisor working in Kiev knows what is happening in the occupied territories?
More propaganda for the Ukraine fanboys like the counter offensive with millions of soldiers eager to attack russians....Utterly crap!
Here is some propaganda coming from the same people:
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That goat gave his life for Ukraine; so brave! Lol


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I dont believe that. That looks like a hit by someone that hated that family, another family member, or home invasion for stealing something.

Reports of all kinds of crimes of opportunity being committed over there by the normal thugs and crooks.

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Volnovakha, Ukraine
Oct. 29 2023

"A Russian officer shot a large family with children for refusing to provide their house to the Kadyrovites.

Advisor to the Mayor of Mariupol Petro Andryushchenko reported this on Telegram. He called on anyone who had any details regarding the crime to inform the resistance forces.

“A brutal murder in Volnovakha. A Russian soldier shot nine people right in the house. Including a girl - a 4th-grade pupil... even the local Z-bustards do not hide it, a large family was shot for refusing to provide their house to the Kadyrovites,” Andryushchenko wrote.

He noted that this is the largest and most high-profile crime of the Russians after the occupation and they are already trying to hide it, although the information has already spread on social media.

According to Andryushchenko, the execution of the family was confirmed by information resistance partners from Volnovakha.

The husband and wife, Natalya and Andriy, lived in the house with their children, elementary school pupil Nastya and 4-year-old Mikita. It's not clear what happened before the murder. Still, the criminal shot the entire family with children and 5 other people who were also in the house.

“Everyone was killed with headshots when laying in their beds. The house was flooded with water, apparently to hide the evidence. All the neighbours say that the killers are military. No one has been arrested, and all are scared now,” added the family’s neighbour."

I have read Russian sources declare that no Akhmat militants were located in the area. I also doubt that this was the result of just one soldier.


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Rest in hell Khohol fascists


If this really true that Russian soldiers were involved in this horrible murder those fuckers done. I assume they will not survive in prison. Inmates will take care of those scums.
This is a single incident and
of course Ukrainian propagandists used this incident everywhere. It's funny how they refuse talking about numerous war crimes of Ukrainian army committed on daily basis against Ukrainian civilian population.

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"refusing to provide their house..." yet all of them are in bed and appear to have been sleeping? Makes no sense. So unless they DID refuse, were killed and the russians neatly placed their bodies in these positions, somethings not adding up.