child abuse

  1. GenericMale

    Crime Scumbag father beats up his 9 year old son & his 14 year old son on video. Gets arrested.

    Drunk scumbags dad caught beating his 9 year old son on video. Found this genuinely disturbing/enraging so I thought I'd post. He gets arrested at the end so that's a positive.
  2. johnmontana

    Warning:Children Basketball American Mom Gives Baby Alcohol

  3. (G.O.A.T.) Tubemonkey

    They're not sending their best

    Sick fuck living the life of luxury due to open borders. llegal Alien ‘Got-Away’ Convicted of Raping 5-Year-Old in Brazil Found Living on Martha’s Vineyard 103ICE JOHN BINDER17 Nov 2023244 2:03 An illegal alien convicted of raping a child in Brazil has been found living on Martha’s Vineyard...
  4. ZeroK

    Warning:Children Alleged Child Abuse In El Paso, Tx

    Mom Took Her Child To ER After Finding Blood In Diaper With Diagnosis Of Sexual Abuse By ER
  5. Robocok

    Guy molested in sex cult takes vengeance on abuser

    Richard P. Rodriguez (born David Moses Zerby; January 25, 1975 – January 9, 2005) was an American member of a religious cult called The Family, formerly known as the Children of God (COG), who murdered one of his childhood sexual abusers, Angela M. Smith, and then died by suicide. His mom and...
  6. REBKage

    Serious *Children Warning* 15 Year old French teenager kills herself after being abused by family members

    Estelle, a 15-year-old girl who was sexually assaulted by a family member, committed suicide last June, but informations about her death were unsealed a few hours ago. A year and a half earlier, she had filed a complaint but she was only summoned by the courts after her death. The mother had...
  7. Dolly

    Lesbian Cop being an utter cunt * Child Warning

    So.. The UK Cops constantly cry about being understaffed. Yet somehow find 7 officers to arrest an autistic teen, for saying a police officer looked like her lesbian nana.. hate crime apparently. An obvious case of police abusing their power to bully and intimate a teenage girl. Distressing to...
  8. Cold Ethyl

    Man Accused of Using Blowtorch on Tot’s Genitals, Smothering and Beating Him to Death

    A Wyoming man pleaded guilty Wednesday to second degree murder and child abuse in the death of his ex-girlfriend’s toddler son last year. Wyatt Lamb initially pleaded not guilty to first degree murder and 10 counts of child abuse relating to the death of 2-year-old Athian Rivera. The boy’s...
  9. Obber

    Father stomach punching on his kid...

    Tangerang (Indonesia) Police successfully arrested a young man named Angga Santana Dewa (27). The man was arrested after a video of violence against a two-year-old boy went viral on social media. In the video the father is seen repeatedly hitting the child in the stomach with his fist, the last...