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    US Politics Cancellation and demonetisation of "right wing" channels

    Maybe it's because I'm British, maybe I look at YouTube too much (and here) though I like to think considering I work 10 to 12 hour days outdoors and only get 3 - 6 GB of internet a month that I'm not too much of a net nerd. But I am becoming a tad alarmed This Stephen Crowder business (in...
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    MUH FREEDOMS Extinction rebellion, man bun or slash n burn? and

    So these fuckers. Anyone's thoughts on the issue? Now I understand that climate change is a thing, 200 species go extinct every week, we use too many fossil fuels, ice caps are melting, plastics a fetishistic bitch etc etc But anyone else think the vast majority of those involved haven't the...
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    LBC gone the way of the BBC?

    Anyone else see this video the other day? The interviewer, Matt frie is a complete fucking joke of a man... Maybe not the right audience for me to rant away too here (sorry for boring you wino) But seriously, the constant Tommy Robinson baiting, talking over Gerard, trying to label him as an...