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Hi Deadgirl!

Heh like Ed Kemper said, when I see a pretty girl I have two thoughts…one is I’d like to talk to her, date her. The other thought is, what would her head look like on a stick?

I do not hate women. I love them, I adore them. My feelings are based on love…sacrificial worship through the flesh altar. By killing and consuming them I can collect them within me and have them forever…like curations in a museum.


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The rules specify that you type only in English. They mean legible English.
It looks like little Shaniqua has got a hold of her mums (moms for our US friends) smart phone and is hiding behind the couch attempting to type out nonsense to get some attention... only she can't quite loose the creole 'accent'... still, a nice meal of water melon and poke salad and she'll be ready for some more cotton picking...


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Make me? Please.

Get her drunk, and find a quiet place to fool around. Wait until she passes out, and then plug her nose and dump lots of vodka down her passed out throat. Let her succumb to alcohol poisoning and fuck her dying ass. Seizures would be a bonus but I know they aren’t a guarantee with alcohol poisoning. I bet having her seize up while you are inside her feels that much better. People die of alcohol poisoning all the time, people also tend to have sex when they are drunk... I doubt anyone would suspect a thing, even if she’s obviously been fucked when they find her body.

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We are not your kind
I don’t often use the term incel, because it’s been overused and distorted.

However, OP, I believe you’re a textbook example of an incel.

enjoy being mad and lonely, you miserable fuck.