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..:: Invisible ::..
Smile.. You're On Candid Camera ..

This made my entire month... I'm so happy.
Dude and everyone else in the ocean is a fuckin idiot. Keep at it ..and peeps close by, please keep filming.
The more vids like this, the merrier I am.

Solomon Kane

And so it begins..
Yea because everybody knows you can take a pistol into saltwater and it work just fine. If you choose to vacation where apex predators live you deserve what you get. I hope a shark eats you too moron
Hey Q'anon zealot,
I think everyone but you realized pretty quick it wasn't a serious response and had a zest of sarcasm.
So if we're trying to identify the moron here it's pretty simple to figure out you're the big winner. Can't wait for a new posted video showing the next idiot of year staring you..
Dumb ass..


That shark is one lucky mofo. Had that been Chuck Norris instead of Melvin Schmedlapp, the result would have been MUCH different.

This is a female corpse.
I'm not saying anything about the kinds of women you've seen or been with, but that corpse has a hair too much hair :lulz: to convince me that is/was/might one day be a woman.
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Constantly laughing at the world
If a shark decided to wander into someone's home, he'd almost surely be killed..

Yet, when idiots like this wander into the water and a shark goes about his day, being a shark, suddenly it's seen as some unexpected, horrible tragedy.
Do ya reckon they'd need to grow legs to do that? or could they just kinda waddle around on their tail like Jabberjaw.
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