1. Ginjabread man

    bizarre Even with an earthquake in Taiwan the news must go on

  2. frederykruysch

    Crime Woman defends her husband from criminals and disperses them with bullets: one thief was injured

    In Sao Paulo, Brazil, a married couple suffered a robbery by two criminals; However, the intentions of the criminals did not materialize due to the woman's quick action. Security cameras captured the moment when one of the victims got out of a taxi when he was intercepted by one of the thieves...
  3. Nimrod101z

    Decimation of RA Assault Group

    Decimated Russian Assault Group in Avdiivka Offensive
  4. Nimrod101z

    Night Raid Casualties

    Russian KIA's during a Night Raid by UA Special Forces
  5. Nimrod101z

    UA Special Forces Captured Positions of Russian Arm Forces - Several Prisoners Taken

  6. Cerebral Haemorrhage

    Another one escaped the jungle, this time in France Burn them all!
  7. scottiemunster

    Serious Founding member of lynard skynard Gary rossington passes away
  8. Heisenberg69

    U.S shoots down a UFO in Alaska

    UFO means unidentified flying object if someone wonders
  9. DeathHand

    19 Dead ~ Mexican Jail Break & Attack

    MEXICO CITY, Jan 2, 2023: An attack on a prison in the Mexican border town of Juarez left 19 dead and allowed a cartel kingpin to escape along with two dozen other prisoners, authorities said Monday. An armed group, traveling in armored vehicles, launched almost-simultaneous attacks on the...
  10. msr

    Grady Judd news

  11. Ivan Drago

    Serious State Department Funding 'Drag Theater Performances' In Ecuador To 'Promote Diversity And Inclusion'

  12. Brainfart

    Truth slips out with covid Vax news story...

  13. Jon E(vil)

    Cartel 'safehouse' raided. Victims found, one later executed.

    Five victims were abducted by kidnappers and taken to a safehouse in Guaymas, Sonora, where one was tortured by having his fingers cut off and having feet nailed to a tree stump outside. One of the victims grabbed a kidnapper’s gun and tried to shoot his way out, leading to the Marines raiding...
  14. Brainfart

    Fire engine plays chicken with tram in Sydney yesterday, and wins!!!

  15. Brainfart

    Dystopian hell’: Saudi Arabia unveils plan for mirrored skyscraper wall city

  16. Ivan Drago

    Serious North Carolina Little League Teams Pull Out Of Tournament After Gunfire Erupts During Game
  17. Ivan Drago

    Police Responding To Shooting At Fourth Of July Parade In Highland Park, Illinois
  18. Mr. Garfield

    Shaq Pays Massive Restaurant Bill: Fans React
  19. frederykruysch

    bizarre Man dressed as woman in wheelchair tries vandalising the Mona Lisa at the Louvre

    A man dressed as an old lady, jumped out of a wheel chair and attempted to smash the bullet proof glass of the Mona Lisa. Then he smear cake on the glass, and throws roses everywhere all before being taken by security. Translation: Think about the earth, think about the earth, there are...
  20. frederykruysch

    Nazi-themed wedding in Mexico

    Everyone dreams of their wedding and this couple was no exception, but compared to the traditional event, Fernando and Josefina decided to do it with a Nazi theme. The couple chose April 29 to celebrate their wedding in a Tlaxcala church since, just 77 years ago, one day before committing...
  21. MasochisticMommy


    lol are people shocked zuck allowed Facebook to spread murder vids now he’s making a VR universe where the weirdos of fb can meet their lovely friends they’ve been stalking the past year. Delete social media you won’t regret anything.
  22. Smooby

    Good boys accidentally murder a bunch of people with SUV

    The narrative going around is that they weren't trying to ram into a huge crowd of people and kill them, they were simply fleeing the scene where they stabbed someone, can you see where this is going? In the coming weeks please keep in mind the incident with James Alex Fields Jr during the...
  23. ⛧⸸ᴹᵁᴿᴰᴱᴿᴰᴼᴸᴸ⸸⛧

    Disappearance of WIN TV's Ross Warren features in new podcast

    In the early hours of July 22, 1989, WIN TV weatherman Ross Warren walked down a set of stairs leading to a walking track along the rocky coast at Bondi ... and disappeared. Every second week, Warren would leave his one-bedroom unit in Wollongong and spend the weekend with friends in Sydney...
  24. Lynch McCoon

    Stone Henge Gets Another Make Over

  25. MasochisticMommy

    Serious 6Week abortion ban in Texas

  26. ⛧⸸ᴹᵁᴿᴰᴱᴿᴰᴼᴸᴸ⸸⛧

    Sydney gang rapist could be granted parol after covid 19 pandemic

    One of the notorious Skaf brothers (Mohammed Skaf) behind Sydney's shocking series of gang rapes in 2000 could be granted parole, after COVID-19 "extinguished" his only other viable pathway to reintegration. Mohammed Skaf has been behind bars for more than 20 years for his role in the gang rapes...
  27. The Vampire Queen

    *Warning* A 4 yo girl dies trying to copy a stunt from a cartoon show

    Girl, 4, hangs herself with hairband 'as she copies TV cartoon' | Daily Mail Online Just stumbled across this today
  28. Crusty Santa

    Boko Haram slaughtering across Africa, kills 92 Chadian soldiers, 50 Nigerian soldiers

    Seems like Boko Haram are very efficient lol. Makes me wonder though, how did they have enough ammo did attack a military base for 7 hours and win? Someone funding them maybe? J
  29. DirtyLee666

    Man kills his child with a hammer

  30. MasochisticMommy

    12 year old tortured
  31. Lovingit

    Checkout Inside the Scary Island of the Dolls Where Dark Tourists are 'haunted by drowned girl' (Pictures)

    The creepy Mexico City destination features thousands of mutilated dolls given as offerings to the spirit of a drowned girl by a local recluse Would you dare to visit the spine-tingling Island of the Dolls? The creepy location is based in Mexico City on an old chinampa. A chinampa is an old...
  32. Lovingit

    See The Terrifying Eyeless Beast That 'escaped from Monkey Island' (Pictures)

    Erika Constantine found the strange unknown animal in a park known by locals as Sunrise Park, which faces out towards Bermuda in the North Atlantic A strange eyeless mutant creature found washed up by a dog walker is thought to be a refugee from the US government’s secretive “Monkey Island.”...
  33. Lovingit

    Dad Spends 18 Hours Setting Up Hot Tub In Living Room (Video)

    New Year's Day is a write-off for most of us; a day of nothingness, with the sole objective being to recover as much as possible before returning to work the next day. But one dad in Scotland decided to devote his first day of the decade to setting up a hot tub in his living room - and he got...
  34. Lovingit

    See Woman With 31 Fingers and Toes Cruelly Branded ‘witch’ By Neighbours

    A woman born with 31 fingers and toes has spent her entire life hiding at home after being branded a witch by cruel neighbours. Kumari Nayak, 63, has polydactylism – a common abnormality at birth where the person has extra fingers and toes. With 19 toes and 12 fingers, Kumari enters the Guinness...
  35. Lovingit

    Green Snow Falls in Russian City (Video)

    'Green snow' has fallen on a Russian city, causing locals to believe that space dust has landed. The snowfall occurred in Chelyabinsk, where a meteor exploded over the city in 2013, while local media suggested local residents were "cheered up" by the green snow having suffered a long winter...
  36. Lovingit

    Man Finds His Grave In The Cemetery- Done By His Ex-Wife

    Lol! A man was shocked to find his own gave at a cemetery, despite being very much alive. Alan Hattel said he was worried by the fact nobody had phoned him in three or four months, and couldn’t figure out why. Now he believes people think he died – and wants them to know the truth. He blames his...
  37. Lovingit

    Check-out Russian Strongest Kid Who Lifted 100-kg Barbell

    While most 11-year old Kids are busy whiling away their time watching Netflix Movies, Playing games, or even surfing the web, Timofey Klevakin from Russia is busy following his father’s footsteps as a bodybuilder by practising in his father’s Gym and lifting heavy-weights and breaking records...
  38. Lovingit

    77 Years Old Man Released From Prison Deemed Too Old To Be Dangerous, Kills Again

    A 77 Years old man who was recently released after he was deemed too old to be dangerous, just committed a fresh murder. The man, Albert Flick who’s from Maine, United States of America has been jailed again after he recently committed a murder which was identical to his first-ever. His...
  39. cadaver1

    So desperate for a new life
  40. Gorgutz

    China Claims Young Men ‘Too Fat and Masturbate Too Much’ to Join Military

    An increasing number of young Chinese people are failing the required fitness tests to enter the military because they are “too fat and masturbate too much,” the country’s state media service has claimed. A report published in the state-run military newspaper People’s Liberation Army (PLA)...
  41. McM

    9 year old boy murdered in Germany

    On Monday the boy Jaden, 9 was murdered by the 19 year old Marcel Hesse in Herne, Germany. They were neighbours and Marcel H. asked the boy to help him in the garden, where he stabbed him several times. The suspect is on the run, after he bragged about the killing in a darknet forum and on...
  42. DeathHand

    Munich Mall Shooting

    Gunmen kill six in Munich shopping mall, three shooters on the run Friday, July 22, 2016 Gunmen attacked a busy mall in the German city of Munich on Friday evening, killing at least six people and sending shoppers running for their lives from what police said was a terrorist attack...
  43. Gorgutz

    China says NO to same-sex marriage

    Judge Rules Against Couple in China's 1st Same-Sex Case A judge on Wednesday ruled against a gay couple in China's first same-sex marriage case that was seen as a landmark moment for the country's emerging LGBT rights movement. The court in the central city of Changsha dismissed the suit...
  44. DeathHand

    Trigana Air Plane Crash

    Indonesian rescuers find no survivors in wreckage of crashed plane Tue Aug 18, 2015 8:42am EDT All 54 people on board a Trigana Air aircraft were killed in a crash two days ago in Indonesia's Papua province, the latest in a string of aviation disasters in the Southeast Asian archipelago...