Have you had a family member or friend who was murdered?

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Well...You tend to get looked at in school by people and you become a social outcast and you develop unhealthy coping skills...but we dealt with it. I'm not sure how a family should "deal" with it. My mother moved on to another asshole and i don't think i really had time to process the whole thing before I just put it in the back of my mind. We grew up in a violent household. My father beating someone up was not uncommon. I guess we just knew it would eventually happen. To who...we thought it would have been one of us. It was a way of life and that's how it was.
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My uncle died of a heroin/cocaine overdose a few years ago but everyone has always been suspicious because his exwife was a lecherous bitch, he was just getting his life back together and we wouldn't put it past her to do such a thing.

My grandpa on my dad's side hung himself, dark family secret no one talks about


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I believe my mother was murdered by my narcissistic, con-artist stepdad, Charles Forrest Dunlavy Rothschild, she had cancer so we were all expecting her death but he got her sister, my oldest son and I on the phone one night claiming she was having a moment of clarity, he thought she was going to pass that night (at the time, I thought being he had a nursing license, I guess he would know the signs) what do you know, she ended up passing that night, I believe he drugged her, the only word she could manage to say was my name and it always haunted me, the way she said it. come to find out he took her for everything she had including my trust that was set aside when my parents divorced in 1976, so far he has gotten away with it, he has now stolen my real dads ashes so the chance of him ever getting caught are slim to none.
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Has anyone in your family or friends been murdered? What happened? Was the person responsible caught and what was the outcome?...

Share your stories.

I'll go first(since it's my thread)...

I was 6/7 years old...and I remember my Uncle Danny..he was my Dad's older brother..He was also a cop like my Dad..I remember him in uniform and sneaking us candy and taking us rides in his convertible car...He was a good guy..many people respected him and he never once had a bad report with those he arrested.

..He was off duty and went to a local bar where he'd go often..It was a neighborhood bar that belonged to a friend of his...the place wasn't too crowded ,nothing seemed to be out out place...He walked up to order and drink and a man was standing right in front of the wait station, and tapped him on the shoulder..the man turned around,didn't say a word...and shot him point blank ..then ran..witness we're able to give a clear description etccc..and he was caught soon after.

The man who killed my Uncle was in his early 20's ..a drug addict and was attempting to rob the bar..he said he panicked when my Uncle walked in..so he shot him. No apology ..No remorse..He was given a life sentence. Years later he died in prison from I think of cancer or something..too bad he didn't get shanked..

I know quite a bit....and some were on the news of it...and my own sister was found dead with a bullet to the head in italy...and the jackass who did it is still out bc the bullshit u.s army is covering up for his ass...


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My aunt poisened her husband with rat poison. She got caught went to jail for a few years and after that she started up a new life with a new husband. never heared from her again.

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About 10 years ago, I think I was 8 at the time, just recently moved back from Israel to Russia to live with my mom, my now late older brother had been living with his wife, they had a 3 month old son. One night I was staying over at their house, it was a pretty common occurrence since my mom had to work nights most of the time.
Some background about my brother: troubled since childhood, never had a father figure (mom never stayed with one man long enough, also had shit taste in men), in and out of institutions, dropout, drug addict at one point, overall a pretty shitty, shady, unstable guy. Why I was allowed to stay over, why he had a wife and kid, was and still is beyond me because he did not deserve his wife or his child. I don't remember a lot about either of them but I loved my nephew more than anything.
Anyways, it was pretty late at night, it had been a rough night overall. Arguing, brother drinking, his shitty friends over pestering and annoying my sister in law. She went to bed early, laying down with my nephew. They had a one bedroom apartment, all shared a room and I usually slept on the floor out in the living room when I stayed over. Once mostly everything had settled, brother finally decided to go to bed, I laid myself down on the floor to try and get some sleep. The apartment is silent for a bit, hear some mumbling in the other room through the paper thin walls, then yelling. Nephew's awake, screaming while my brother and his wife argue over god knows what. I get up, going to get my nephew so we can lay down in the living room together, let them fight it out.
I enter the room, my brother has a fucking bat in his hands, waving it around like a mad man, and my ass is instantly terrified, knowing he's crazy enough to really use it. Thankfully they had a phone, in the kitchen. Now I had a dilemma... Grab nephew first, or go try and call police first? I chose wrong, choosing to go try and call the police first. While on the phone, I hear a few 'thunks' and my nephew goes absolutely silent, and my sister in law is screaming bloody murder.
My brother, out of anger, beat my 3 month old nephew with a bat. And he did the exact same thing to my sister in law. I got a severe beating myself once he found out I had contacted the police, but in some sick joke the universe played, the fucking neighbors got involved once he started beating on me, holding him back until the police got there.
I repressed a lot of this... for a long time. But it came back into light a few months ago, my brother died in prison.
Well, that's my story. Thanks for reading this far.
My dads father was killed in a hit and run accident before I was born. He was on a motorcycle trip with his wife (my grandmother who’s still alive) when they were taking a turn and hit a bad bump causing them to fall off the bike. Their was another motorist behind them who didn’t even stop. My grandfather jumped out to pull my grandmother out of harms way but his neck got caught by the tire and he died instantly. My grandmother suffered two broken legs and still has a hard time walking to this day. The killer was never found to this day.


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Someone i know, her daughter had some issues recently.. she flipped out and killed one of her sons ( both sons were under 10 years old )
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Where I live and surrounding areas, there are a lot of wooded mountainy areas and nobody really says anything about missing people especially if they're homeless ... I've never noticed any catching... lots of murders too mwhaha
Luckily nobody seriously close to me... Ever.
But new a lad called Joe very well, and two girls I went to high school with, friends but only for parties..Jodie and Kelsie, anyhoot he sold them dodgy mdma, both died.. (last year)
Used to go and stay up in Chippenham alot with a guy called Dave selling this and that, anyhow his son Adam was driven off by a few of the bad boy blacks up there (London yardie types) to some field out near Salisbury and beat his head in with a bar..
And a lad called Tyler got driven up the M5 in the boot of D and J's car (never proved, didn't make the news but I'm 90% sure I know who fucking did it) and they stabbed him up and ditched him at the road side.

Seen loads of bad bad beatings but luckily never anybody close to me, lots of friends of friends and acquaintances :/ (remember Dom walking down towards premier with me just chatting shit together when d.k drove up the side road, parked on the poor fuckers foot two mateys jumped out the backseats and beat seven shades of shit out him with wrenches.. "drugs") having tez hiding out at my flat (was only about 16 FFS) with a shit load of nasty knives. (Doing 4year in prison now for dealing crack). J who I lived with for 2 years on a bus, his cousin hung himself after being wrongfully arrested..
Loads of naughty shit but no one too close
Touch wood :/


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My neighbor and his son were murdered in their front yard when I was a child. I didn't get to see the bodies 🤔