Random War pics


WW One.
It's from an old source, there are more. World War I in Photos: Soldiers and Civilians

French troops

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Tommies capturing a German.

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British soldier in a 38 cm gun.

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German kitchen

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Captured Jerries assisting ANZAC troops.

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Caption said, 'most likely South African infantry' having a good time.

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Soldiers from New Zealand

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An American Red Cross volunteer


French troops. The guy in the middle seems to wear magazines from an early machinegun. And everyone has his medals pinned.

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thhese b&w that are color transferred,look like theyre set up and fake. staged....
they look like mannequins. lol
Yep, sometimes the colors are a bit off or too fancy. May be done by a computer algorithm without additional manual corrections/finetuning at the end.