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Dumbest game of chicken I have ever seen.

I hate those save the world activists.

They're denegerate scum. Most of them are unemployable students doing useless degrees in gender studies or social sciences. Note how they use transport fuelled by fossil fuels (oil) to get to their protest gatherings and wear tabards made from synthetic materials (again, oil)...but they kinda gloss over those facts.


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They are just wasting peoples time.


This bus driver was not fucking around.

Sitting in front of a bus is not going help. Its going to get you run over.

They are a bunch save the world activists who play a bad game of chicken.
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I think I saw these young whipper snappers on Retarded FuckTards Dot Net


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those white are getting dummbb day by dayy hahahahahahaahahah
As a

As a whitey myself, I agree; those cunts are dumb as fuck.................. Then again, chuck a protesting Nigg in there, I would run that bus over all those white cunts to get to the dark meat..............hahahahaha
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I understand that they fight for a better future but they should do this where the rich are living, they are the one who eventually have investment and share in oil and shit like that not the poor peoples in that bus and certainly not the peoples living in that area !


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Middle class twats, people haven’t got money like them yet they hold up working people from doing their jobs, while they sit their stupid arses in the road with all the engines running , stopping ambulances getting though, they think they can’t be jailed because their uncle in lord so and so. They need a shock.