1. Bloody Kisses

    This priest got OWNED by a little girl.

  2. Bloody Kisses

    This is Uganda’s Parliament 🤣

    Can somebody say Gorillas? 🤣
  3. Maybe Maggot

    Girlfriend Dumped

  4. Bloody Kisses

    Please don’t Free Willy

  5. Bloody Kisses

    2019 vs 2020

  6. Bloody Kisses

    Help! Scary alligator!

  7. Bloody Kisses

    A beautiful sunset

  8. Bloody Kisses

    When the MDMA finally kicks in...

  9. Bloody Kisses


  10. Bloody Kisses

    You better watch your hoe!

  11. Bloody Kisses


  12. Bloody Kisses

    What the FUCK is going on here?!

  13. NinjaFoxMasterR

    My boy took his neck getting broke like a CHAMP!

    Fr. This men just laid there not giving af. he just ragdolled. No pain no gain lel.
  14. Bloody Kisses


  15. Bloody Kisses


    this doesn’t need an introduction:
  16. Bloody Kisses

    Sand-nigger at a rave

  17. Bloody Kisses

    Benny Lava : Another ge(r)m from India.

    Again, nothing I say will be able to explain the fuckery that is this video. Oh, and it’s hilarious as well. read the subtitles to understand what the fuck is going on.
  18. Bloody Kisses

    Indian niggery at it’s finest 😂

    You’re welcome.🤣 Please choose english subtitle to read!.
  19. Bloody Kisses

    2 out of the 3 belong here...

    once they’re 18.
  20. bogies

    Y'alls can thank me later....

  21. Bloody Kisses

    Awesome Sauce

    Always a pleasure
  22. 0111011000111


  23. 0111011000111

    Mentally Disabled Guy Gets Handjob From Nurse

    Mentally Disabled Guy Gets Handjob From Nurse His parents paid the nurse extra money as they thought it would be about time he would have his first orgasm and finally empty his balls.
  24. 0111011000111


  25. Sky

    Your penis is still offensive