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I'd feel pretty embarrassed if I realized I was that propagandized. It's certainly a clever analogy... if it were true! Do you know how the war played out from the beginning? feel free to start at around 2014 if you like. Make sure to include all the increases in NATO occupied territories and the dishonoring of the Minsk agreements, the overthrow of Government as a result of a Coup and over eight straight years of Ukraine bombing the shit out of it's own people in the Donbas region ... but naah ... it's easier to just accept western propaganda and go along with the idea Putin woke up one morning and decided to invade (what did Kamala harris call it? .. ) oh yeah ... a smaller weaker country for no reason :shrug:
Come on mate. 2014 it was all about corruption. And Zelensky wasn't there. Guess who was the Russian buddy President then and all the Ucrains what him to fuck of. That's not a coup. It's getting rid from a dictator as you Putin buddy. Donetsk it's Ucrain territors. Nato or not Nato. They can do wtf they want . We all know about the pro russia scumbags in Donetsk. Wagner group members. But all of this doesn't matter . When a country decide to invade a country it's at fault. If it was for the Donetsk people. Why then go for Kiev. Secure Donetsk and good luck. This is an invasion for resources because Russia it's a failed state full of corruption and all the money they made it's spent on military.