Most disgusting thing you've seen


Professional drunk
my uncle's method of fishing is traumatizing and like no other. he throws 3 or 4 handgrenades with varying delays of 5 and 9 seconds. 100's of fish, birds, seashells, seeweeds, tampons, shoes, rocks land o the beach and cars and road he doesnt care he scare shit out of tourists, dirty everything and fuck up mediterrean ocean with new scums now flaoting in this steamy whiteish bubbes

Nothing disgusting about that. That is actually pretty badass.

Kinda like feral hog hunting with Tannerite in Texas. Back when these buggers had been really tearing up farms and destroying crops, we'd drag an old car out to the fields, fill it with about 20-30 pounds of Tannerite, a binary explosive compound, some rancid meat as bait, and wait. When around 10 of the porkers would show up, we'd send a single 7.62 NATO or .300 Win Mag round into the payload from 200 yards out. Kaboom. Flying bacon. Effective? Fuck yeah. Not my style though. I don't believe in wasting perfectly good food and all of the hogs I shoot that doesn't get eaten by me or my friends are given to local charity kitchens.


Know what else is interesting? Tannerite is perfectly legal to own and use in most states. It is sold as a kit in many sporting goods stores and must be mixed before use. You need a projectile traveling at 1,900 FPS minimum in order to detonate the compound. But once mixed, you cannot transport it on state or federal highways without special endorsements, otherwise it is a felony that carries up to 5 years. I've used that shit over the years to demolish old abandoned farm buildings, cut firewood, and dig up stumps.
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The list ist so long. My mother is one if many reasons ? My mother is a shameless slut and she never cared if she got caught fucking some dicks, whenever it was my beloved stepfather or someone else's dick. She's the reason I'm super faithful in my relationships.
When I was a kid, i was playing with my friends in the jungles of the Dominican republic with my friends, until we discover a rotten corpse hanging from the tree. Everyone else where barfing their souls out, while I was pocking on it, like it was nothing ? I thought it was super cool, even tho it smelled really horrible.
When I used to work as part of the cleaning staff in a hospital to earn some money while going to high school, I saw a lot of nasty things. Like shit smeared all over the wall in the psychiatric unit, shit smeared all over a person, while she was cutting herself, trying to kill herself, vomit all over the floor, people with nasty skin diseases like bed sores. But over all, the most disgusting thing that I saw or better say what happened to me was being sexually abused as a child.


When i was 20 i got the opportunity to view the County Morgue and on the tour things where supposed to be mostly Covered up well one of them wasn't. What made it more disturbing was i knew the story behind the death of the child that i seen and it was and 11 year old child that had gotten hit by a Ford truck (Photos in paper) and i knew the family (Not parents) and i remember one of the family members mentioning it at work. I felt kind of guilty or odd for seeing someones immediate family member dead (Child) kind of like i knew the full story and the family than seeing it. Something else i used to have a popular Youtube channel and i shot a lot of abandoned places and we always went in this one location and there was a toilet that was almost filled to the top as a homeless persons used it all the time and never emptied it well the foot deep of shit happened to show the individual using it as i walked past the restroom i flashed my light inside and there he was sitting there on a toilet of years of shit i assume.
Yikes;Just like the Chicken sitting atop the nest and protecting hers!!!
I could just imagine the site;And the terrible stench once disturbed...FKN EWW...SP

Gone crazy back soon

Blame someone else. Problem solved.
In the random idiot's post, there is a sizable black lady who seasons her boys French fries with her creamy beaver sauce and he eats it afterwords. That ranks in my top 3
Ive seen alot of nasty shit. My oldest kid ate his own poop until he was 3yrs old.
A few weeks ago i found a dead reindeer in the woods, it was decomoising and full of maggots. I took a saw with me and chopped his head of. Cus why not. I collect dead stuff. Once i almost had a one night stand with a guy who’s penis was full of warts - i did not have sex with him. I ate all his pizza and went home. Pizza was good tho.

Also, i hate my mom for other personal reasons. She has injected all kind of shit into her body. To big tits, no ass and her face looks like a mix of baboon-ass and an infected toenail. I really hope she dies someday. But she looks horrible