1. vgrey.17


    I just have a quick questions for this depraved part of the internet. watching people get maned and murdered to bits. What does this do for you exactly, is it the same as watching a show.? Or does watching these videos fulfill a level of hate you carry throughout the day? Like gore is kind of...
  2. Goregrish.com

    Video & Image Request Thread

    Post your Video/Image Requests here and hopefully the members will be able to help :D
  3. GenericMale

    Can anyone show me some mess3d up shock videos?

    Ive seen most of the shock videos that you can think of, can anybody show me some that are really messed up please? Or can you tell me about some crazy messes up ones that you have seen? Thatd be cool too!
  4. defiedlight500

    Your most prolific serial killer in your opinion

    I know what Google and just the entire web says about serial killers, but I’d like to know who in your opinion is the most prolific serial killer. Feel free to post some links that I can dive into and read about.
  5. garrett11096

    Serious Has Gore Gotten Easier Or Harder To Watch Over Time?

    Do you think you will ever grow out of watching gore? Has it gotten harder or easier to watch over time? I was introduced to gore when I was about 10 or 11. The first video I ever watched was the famous Mexican cartel chainsaw beheading. I can’t recall who showed me the video possibly an older...
  6. I

    going to war

    would you let your goverment, king or slavemaster still send you to war in 2022 ? as a civilian id consider deffence if im umable to move my family but if my goverment would be trying to send me off to attack like how russia is doing i would honestly consiser terrorism if unable to flee what r...
  7. senseless

    beatings Agression Motivated by discussion about war turned into beating, NY Subway

    A US mercenary who fled Ukraine in April got into a fight with a man on the New York subway and was humiliatedly defeated. This is what happens when, instead of posing for photos and telling stories about your "feats", you face a real adversary.
  8. Slice.Of.Life

    Would you ever kill someone?

    Would you ever kill someone? If so, under what circumstances? If not, why?
  9. D.O.A.

    Murder Incorporated

    This section is no longer for "serial killers" only, instead it's turned into a discussion forum for anything relating to murder. That being; Unsolved murders. Court cases - past and present. War crimes, genocides. Terrorism. Serial killers, mass murderers, cult suicides. The stories of...