Warning:Children 7 children from Al-Bakri family killed in Israeli airstrike (1 Viewer)


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Khan Younis, southern Gaza. 18.10.23






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Revolt Against the Modern World
This conflict makes me vomit, we've been watching this shit on TV for years and nothing has ever been done to solve it.
I question how the British and North American media would react if the Russians or any other country committed such crimes,or imagine the IRA carrying out an attack similar to that of Hamas and the British decide to level Belfast. I wonder what the reaction would be.
It is true that in the Arab world there are extremist groups that feed themselves on these events, in fact the genocide of the Palestinians is their oxygen.
In the last 20 years 4 Arab countries were destroyed and then we Europeans complain about the out of control migrations coming from the Middle East. Mark my words very soon we will have terrorist attacks again if there is any kind of resolution in relation to this conflict, I honestly don't believe there will be.
Here's a video of a child having post-mortem spasms, or taking his last breath a beautiful sight indeed.

Who are the Jews, the Jews are Semites as well as a large part of the sandniggers, so when we talk about anti-Semitism we are not just talking about kikes but about a whole people which includes Muslims (european tribes that became jewish came after), however when we talk about anti-Muslims the encyclopedia Britanica invented the word Islamophobia, to differentiate two things that are identical.
The Jews were not persecuted because of their religion. Religion was a pretext to save societies from a plague called Zionism. While other cultures and creeds were absorbed into our societies, in the case of Judaism this did not happen, The Egyptians realized this and the rest is history. For example in my country 15% of the population was eradicated just because they were Jews (maybe I have Semitic blood, who knows), imagine the socioeconomic impact this has on a society. It's because? Because Zionists blend into society but only help themselves, that is the main reason.
We look at the United States today, who dominates the banking system? The media, entertainment, the political body?...Has any war between the United States and the Middle East served the interests of the American people? No! Only Zionist interests.
Labeling all sandniggers as barbarians, all kikes as Zionists is the same as thinking that all North Americans are stupid and all Europeans are weak.
Here is a small sample of the purges of Jews in Europe, the classical age is not included, the low middle ages are not included, as well as the years 1700 until the 20th century.

And here is arrogant Piers Morgan getting sand nuked in his ass without lube like there is no tomorrow...

Anyway thank you Sarka for your thread.😊
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Revolt Against the Modern World
Does that Ben Shapiro huff helium all the time. He looks and sounds like a right prick.
He is a jew. He has nothing to give besides his pseudo-conservative opinions. He's nothing than a mongrel midget spreading zionist propaganda. You should watch his interview with Piers Morgan about the terrorist attack, reminds me the jews 80 years ago. An eye for eye is the rethoric used. Laughable.