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There are already a lot of dead civilians in Israel. Corpses lie at public transport stops, in the middle of the streets. Al Jazeera reports: Israel declares a state of emergency within a radius of 80 km from the Gaza Strip. This allows the military to restrict gatherings and close areas. The restricted area includes Tel Aviv and Beersheba. Meanwhile, videos of Israeli soldiers being taken hostage are being circulated on social media. This is the first time in the history of Gaza that soldiers enter Israeli cities and stage armed clashes. Rockets from the sector continue to be launched towards Israel.

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Good jews is a dead jews🇮🇱💩🖕🏻


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There were 5.000 rockets launched from the Gaza strip towards Israel, at around 6:30 am local time. It is impossible that only 40 died… more than a thousand were injured.
This will definitely turn into a war. Good time for Israel to test its nuclear weapons.
Your estimation is very accurate as things tuned out. 1500 plus.

And I agree about the nuke too. Don't let the world forget that when Hamas and these ISIS swine are done with the Jews it will be back to killing Christians.


"Israel still honours the terms"


Even the International courts, the UN, and Amnesty International calls bullshit in that.

You also skipped the entire part where the fake government of Israel paid for white Europeans to move there in the 1960s and '70s, and start building all their illegal settlements in lands that belong to the Palestinians.
The UN and Amnesty international are the biggest pair of losers going. Serbia proved they are blind to the violence of jihadi terror.

"White Europeans" you say? You mean Ashkenazi Jews. Many of which would pass as "white" if you saw them out and about (blonde, pale skin). You ever wonder why Israeli girls are among the hottest in the world? Emigration from the former USSR (especially Ukraine, Belarus, Russia). In respect to illegal settlements, those settlers are a extreme minority even most Israelis condemn. They will have to deal with them once this matter has been resolved. The Palestinians, on the other hand, have burnt every bridge opened to them. Lebanon does not want them. They remember the arrival of the PLO, the Civil War. What used to be the Paris of the Levant is a certified hell-hole.
Egypt does not want them either. They despise Hamas. Hamas is an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, a sworn enemy of the regime of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

Arab states only support Palestine out of political expediency – they have to placate huge sections of their respective societies whose views are anaethema to civilized Western society. I doubt the leaders actually give a fuck. Majority are schooled in London and Paris, shop in Dubai and Zurich, holiday in Verbier and Monaco. Even Hamas leadership live in Qatar, slumming it in multimillion dollar penthouses.


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Fun fact, 90% of Hamas rockets are these tiny amateur hoby-store looking things called the Quassam Rockets. They are powered by table sugar melted with agricultural fertilizer and the explosive warhead is just a handful of TNT detonated by an upsidedown rifle cartridge. They cost only a couple hundred bucks to make. The real threat to Israeli is financial as the Iron Dome defence system costs $100,000 or so to shoot down one of these $200 rockets, and Hamas has been firing at least 1 Quassam rocket into Israel from Gaza every day for the past 15+ years. Today they must have fired off all they had been building for a long time.
The Americans pay for the iron dome. The Israelis are perfecting it for America’s future deployment and possibly South Korea too


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I don’t understand why so many people are in support of Palestine, when they are literally indiscriminately killing innocent Israelis civilians if it was military personnel, I would understand, but they’re literally killing innocent civilians
You're eating the Big Fat Corporate Media Line that the wardogs who own the weapons factories is putting out!

It's the EXACT fucking opposite!

Israeli soldiers have been killing and kidnapping children by the dozens every single god damn month for the past 75 years!

They e also been bulldozing the homes of families, leaving them completely homeless with nowhere to go. They shut down their borders altogether and disallow them to trade with anyone. It's an open air fucking prison!

OF COURSE the Palestinians attack the fucking Israeli pigs!


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Fuck jew dogs.
Please, do not misunderstand me. I'm not a bigoted fucktard. I have nothing against Jews or any other race, if you consider them a "race."

I only harbor pure hatred for bigots, bullies, and cowards who target anyone who is unarmed. Especially unarmed women and children. Stupid fucking yellow-belloed cowardly Manly Men using big modern weapons on civilians are the filthiest fucking animals to have ever crawled upon the face of this planet. Stupid violent fucking apes. Almost always in the name of their stupid fucking religions, too. 90% of it perpetrated by the three Abrahamic religions:

Muslims, Christians, and Jews.

I only hate on the "Jews" in the Zionist religious bullshit manner who lie about where they come from. Almost all Jews are now of white European descent, and have no business being imperialists in areas of the world they've never even stepped foot in.

There are plenty of Jews who also criticize Zionism and call for an end of the Natanyahu regime's criminal genocide.


Anyone have the uncensored version of this dead Israeli woman? Or any more pics?



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Anyone have the uncensored version of this dead Israeli woman? Or any more pics?

Thats all. Amit Man. Paramedic, killed in Be'eri hospital. Was first shot in the leg. As the terrorists closed in the shot her into stomach an head.

Vid about her. Bit alive footage + last phonecall under fire.


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Nvm gaza is rubble now take em a while to rebuild and shit out some muslim rat pigs to replace the ones shot up or blown up fuck em