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This is a random thought but it fits.

In the end, we layed together for four days, me mostly flat on my back, her on my chest. They could see us on the cams... they'd come in to do her vitals and check our wires, administer meds, check her diaper. They always wanted to move her.
I'd scream at them, "DON'T TOUCH HER".


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She, we pulled through obviously. I was sick too, that's why they held us. She wouldn't eat, anything, nada.
Her pediatrician made several visits and inquiries. What will she eat? What would she like?
I told her McDonald's French fries are worth a shot.

By God she hazmated up and came in with fries... 2 days in a row. My girl started eating them.
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It's exactly the same, but totally different
Now I'm crying.
Those were rough days.

Hey dev,

Your avatar and that you are the freakin great mom that you are reminded of one time my Lady was rubbing vitamin E on her stretch marks saying she didn't like them. Well, to me anyway, it only made me think how she was so beautiful and that she gave us children, how could I NOT love them? I found this for her and kissed her tiger stripes. For you...



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My friend sent me this pic from his tower block the night after the first official 'Stay At Home' warning was delivered by the Prime Minister.. a bunch of chavs acting like it's Bank Holiday Monday and having a front garden party