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I've always preferred working on the books me and luckily at the moment I am, we get taxed a little more and little or no refund each year (nothing really worth bothering applying for I'm led to believe) but if I get furloughed which I haven't yet, then I'll get 80%, phew

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Down the nose? Where the fuck are they going in? :wut:


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We been getting Starbucks all week long the lines been insane

They have been insane here too. I nearly had a fucking meltdown when they closed the lobbies. They have tapered off lately and they have maybe 3-4 cars now it does help that we have have one literally 1 to 1.5 miles apart and they're all drive-thru stores. They're now closing at 5-7PM when they close 100% i will loose my shit as Dutch Bros is garbage and black rock coffee is closing down early.

Have you had blakc rock coffee? Way better than starbucks.


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So this was interesting. China has authorized the pickup of urns containing the ashes of dead relatives, a claimed 2500 in Wuhan, at 8 different locations. One location visited by Chinese reporters had 6000 urns waiting to be picked up. Could there actually be 40,000 or more deaths in Wuhan?



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in nyc,theyre arresting people now and issuing fines. they even took down some 8500 basket ball hoops. my wife and i were talking and we come to the question,what about the homeless shelters? how many homeless have been diagnosed with it? its crazy now the numbers in connecticut have risen. due to the fact that the new yorkers are coming up here to their "second house" to get away from the epicenter of it all,and bringing it here!


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..what about the homeless shelters

We had the same topic in the papers, conclusion: they stay open but the people are fucked.
It's 'much better' to sleep outside. Hamburg had one case of Co19 in a shelter, now it's a locked quarantine zone and nobody can get out anymore.
Yesterday morning I saw 3 guys lying on a container-sized power generator from a construction site because it's warm on the top. It became cold again these days, around freezing point.

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