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Poor innocent souls...may they have more peace and blessing where ever they are, than what they had in life.

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Dad is clean, no injuries, etc. Why wasn't he with his kid? Do they just leave the kids to fend for themselves and they go and hide. All pictures of parents holding their dead kids are like that. You have to be an idiot to believe this bullshit.
It was young ones caught in rubble from airstrikes. Its just aftermath child deaths, nothing prior


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Says the Hamas supporting muslim loving immigrant faggot.
Peace? ✌️


Nah, just kidding asshole. 😏🖕

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I like how you always manage to reveal that you are a degenerate, inferior jewish pig but in indirect way 😂😂😂
So where did I state I am jewish? I detest muzrats of all denominations, as do most well balanced people on the planet. I don't give a fuck about jews either but muzrats are way further down the human food chain than any other religious group.
You're the degenerate nigger here, you just wont admit it. You and that muslim cuck @SJW-Snowflake❄️ are islamic loving bed buddies, it's obvious.

Peace? ✌️

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Nah, just kidding asshole. 😏🖕
If I want your opinion, I'd ask for it, you retarded paki faggot.